Save time and generate a spreadsheet for small scale campaigns with utm parameters by simply describing your campaign below.

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How It Works

utm_helper leverages OpenAI's GPT-3 Language Model to extract data related to the campaign description that is entered above. Our app then takes this data and uses it to generate a spreadsheet! Magic!

When describing your campaign please include: a campaign name, campaign sources, landing page and number of pieces of creative


Generate a spreadsheet for the campaign called ai2021. We will be running the campaign across Google, Facebook and LinkedIn but not email. Our campaign will have 4 different pieces of creative and will be sending traffic to dspaces.io

Computer, please generate a spreadsheet for my upcoming campaign called dnai2021. I'll be running this campaign across Facebook and LinkedIn and will be testing 2 different pieces of creative. I'll be sending traffic to dspaces.io

Help! I need to quickly put together some links for an upcoming campaign called ai123. I've built a landing page at dspaces.io and want to send traffic to this page. I'd like to run a search campaign across Google and Bing and will test 4 different pieces of creative.

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When describing your campaign to OpenAI, please name your campaign, include any sources, a landing page url and the # of pieces of creative you plan on using

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